Friday 18 September 2009

Chasing Brussels

I was a bit too slow to blog on Barroso's re-election to the post of Commission President, but it was covered well by Julien Frisch and he's also linked other election-related blogging.

So you'll have to make do with what will be the first of (hopefully) many podcasts on European politics: Chasing Brussels. We're aiming to produce the podcasts in a way that makes European politics a bit more conversational and accessable (the idea being that it would be easier to listen to a 20-30 minute chat about EU politics than read a lot of (usually detailed) blogs and news-websites for some - well, ok, most - people).

The first episode is (naturally) on Barroso's re-election, with Joe Litobarski and I. Thanks to Joe for his work on the editing! We hope to have another one out next week (or week-and-a-half), and with more podcasters.

I hope you enjoy it, and comments are welcome!

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