Monday 27 January 2014

5 Years of Bloggingportal!

Today is the 5th birthday of Bloggingportal! In the years that Bloggingportal has been linking Euroblogs and trying to make discussions more accessible, the number of blogs has ballooned from barely 100 to over 1000. The Euroblogosphere is still relatively small, but the Eurocrisis and Europeanisation of national politics has spurred the increased debate on the EU.

Bloggingportal has been around for almost as long as this blog, and I’ve found it useful in following different opinions and news. But 5 years is a long time and the site is definitely showing its age. Editors have drifted off as work and life have become more demanding, but the people at Bloggingportal towers have been planning and working on a renewal and relaunch of the site. With the 2014 European elections coming up in May, it’s important to keep up with the debate across the continent, and hopefully Bloggingportal will soon be able to make it easier to do so.

So here’s to another 5 years!


  1. Happy birthday! And to another 5+ years!

  2. Bloggingportal does not only represent a valuable instrument to get timely and worth-noting insights on EU affairs, it's also a project that shows how a voluntary initiative can be put at the service of the blogging community. I hope they will be able to continue their work for a long time. Congratulations and happy birthday.