Thursday 8 January 2009



Welcome to The European Citizen. This my attempt to voice some (hopefully) thought-provoking opinions about Europe, the EU and European politics. I am a student studying Law and Politics, and through class and reading about events (current and past) in European politics, I became interested in, well, European politics.

This is my first attempt at a blog, and I hope to do two (maybe three) things:

1. Write a bit about EU basics and give a quick overview of the EU. This will be very general at first, to give a general idea of who does what (since this is covered a lot elsewhere), but I might add to this in the future.

2. Write about current European and EU political issues and a bit about the "big" questions of the EU. The big questions of the EU (e.g. integration, democracy, etc) seem to always follow some well-established lines, but I will try to add some new thoughts and ideas to the debate.

3. My first language is English, but in the far future I hope to write a few posts in German. Warning though, as my German is rubbish.

And hopefully someone will find it a bit interesting at least.


  1. Always good to see another Euroblog start up. Try to stick with it - it can be surprisingly rewarding, even with the relatively low readership. And let's face it, the EU's so damn complicated you're unlikely to ever run out of material...

  2. Thanks! It's my first attempt at blogging.
    I'll try to stick with it - I'm not sure how far to go with the "explaining the basics" though, since anyone who comes across this probably knows a lot of the basics anyway. But I might carry on with that for a while.
    Hopefully I'll find my feet with it soon.

  3. Happy to see yet another Euroblog joining the scene!

    Keep on writing and be sure you will be read, although the general interest in EU blogs is not as big as one might hope. But the more we get, the more we will gain in broadness and depth - and thereby the influence of European ideas might finally raise... :-)