Thursday 26 March 2009

Journalists Turn to the EU for help

Journalists have turned to the EU for help, the EUobserver has reported.

They have written to the EP party groups as well, hoping to get some policy out of them. (Well, I'm glad that some journalists know that the EP's there...).

Perhaps some compromise could be found? If journalists report more EU news (and help get more debate going), the parties could come up with some policies on the media. ...Well, there'd be more incentive for the party groups to formulate common policies if they thought they would get media attention...


  1. Here, I think, it is hard to come up with 'policies' to save the printed press (or its journalists), since the change seems to be driven by new technology.

    Only in rare instances does it seem possible to produce content and make a profit, so the web newspapers are in trouble too.

    What are the journalists proposing?

  2. "They want the new commission and the newly-elected parliament to launch a public debate at national and European level, about the future of media in Europe, focussing not only on communications policy or media convergence."

    The article doesn't seem to indicate that the journalists have any ideas, but are demanding that the politicans come up with the ideas for them.