Monday 6 April 2009

He hasn't gone away, you know

Tony Blair, who still hasn't solved the Middle East Peace Process, is maneuvering for that other job again: the Presidency of the European Council.

Under Lisbon, the European Council Presidency would be electable by the European Council for up to two 2 1/2 year terms, an institutional change intended to promote coherence and a higher degree of continuity in the Council's direction, and to reduce the likelihood of stuff like this happening.

Now Gordon Brown is reported to be backing Blair for the post, the rationale being that there needs to be more British representation in key world roles. So does this revive the debate of whether or not Blair would be a good appointment, with the good of high profile & experience versus the bad of - well, no need to detail this side...?

I have to admit that my emotional response to seeing Blair speaking as President of the European Council would be queeziness (it's a valid emotional response), but he does have some leadership qualities. It would depend on the other candidates (of whom I assume Junker would be one...?).


  1. Oh God NO

    just NO

    Imagine having the guy that went to war like a little schoolboy with George W Bush in such a position. Blair is one of the most flawed politicians to emerge in decades.

    No, Blair is just wrong wrong wrong. His work in the Middle east is shameful to the point of criminal negligence. Where was he when Israel invaded Gaza, maybe I just missed his protest in while I was being forced to watch eviscerated children on TV.
    Just NO Way

  2. Well, he is nothing if not flawed.

    Another point is: since he was so wedded to his government of advisors from the sofa, and prone to dicating to cabinet, his leadership style would conflict with the requirements of the job of co-ordinating the views and interests of 27 member states.

  3. Having promised referendums on the Constitutional Treaty and the euro, Blair could launch his candidacy by promising a referendum on himself.

    If Blair has democratic instincts, he should run for the Comission presidency.

    Even if the media are hollering about the "new EU president", it is far from clear if the member states want much more than a chairperson for four annual meetings