Thursday 23 April 2009

My EU Profiler Profile

I've taken the new EU Profiler for a spin, and although there's no NI option (despite having it on the list), I went for the Ireland party system.

Here's my compatability for Irish parties:

Labour: 72.8%
Fine Gael: 65.1%
Green Party: 56%
Fianna Fáil: 52.5%
Sinn Fein: 27.9%
Socialist Party: 22.4%
Libertas: 19.5%

Well, there wasn't really much chance of me voting for Libertas anyway.

For other European Parties:

Saskanas Centrs: 90.9%
Evropská Demokratická Strana: 81.3%
Liberal Democrats: (in England Scotland and Wales) 80.8%
Socialistische Partij Anders: 79.6%
Socialistisk Folkeparti: 79.5%
Sozialdemokratische Partei Oesterreichs: 79.3%
Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej - Unia Pracy: 78.8%
GroenLinks: 78.6%

I'm surprised how high the percentages are for some of the Irish parties! (I've always suspected that I'd be a LibDem supporter if I lived in Britain). Still, I've always thought of myself as centre-left, so I think that it's basically got me right.


  1. It seams to be accurate enough I think. No one has said it isnt yet like!

  2. I came out nearest to LibDems in the UK. I have voted for them once in the past, but I'm not sure I would call myself a supporter.

    I was surprised that Labour was actually placed further to the right than the Conservatives when it came to the social scale. Funny, that.

    In Italy, I really need to start reading up about the different parties - I'm a bit out of the loop.

  3. The EU profiler is a pretty interesting site, certainly helps in pinning down one's political allegiances. Now all I have to do is pin down which candidate has similar beliefs of my own.

    Was on a site called, it seems that they've quite a number of candidates in the one place.

    What are your opinions on the site?

  4. It looks like an interesting site, though a lot more needs to be added to it (at least for the candidates in my area).

    But in most countries people will be voting on party lists (I'm unsure if closed party lists are in the majority though - my impression is that they are), so sites comparing party compatability are/can be a good guide. Of course, it can't replace actual policy.