Friday 9 April 2010

The Bloggingportal Initiative

Over at, there's an experiment to see how quickly something in the Citizen's Initiative format can be translated and what kind of problems this might throw up. The results will be part of a presentation on the Citizen's Initiative by some Bloggingportal editors at the re:publica 10 blogging convention in Berlin.

The text was only posted last night, but already there's been a great response, with translations into 22 languages! But more languages are needed (Czech, Slovak, Maltese etc. still haven't been done yet), and since the goal is to see how much time or organisation it would take to make a petition accessible linguistically, non-official languages are more than welcome too. Anyone know any Basque?

The deadline is early on Thursday morning, 15th April.

Also, is keen to find more editors who know their way around the Euroblogosphere, so if you want to help out, you can contact us here. Since we're always looking at how to make Bloggingportal more accessible and useful throughout Europe generally, it'd be great to get more help on the blogs in some of the less widely known languages (but that's not a requirement!).


  1. Translation of text into Welsh!
    Best wishes - Pob hwyl gyda'r ymgyrch!
    Jill Evans MEP/ASE
    Plaid Cymru

    Teitl: Menter Dinasyddion Ewropeaidd: Arbrawf gan

    wnc: Rydym eisiau gweld sawl cyfieithiad gallwn ei dderbyn ymhen wythnos o destun byr yr un maint a'r Menter Dinasyddion Ewropeaidd, mewn ieithoedd Ewropeaidd gwahanol - gyda ' ch help chi.

    Disgrifiad: Wythnos nesaf, bydd pedwar golygydd o yn mynychu'r gynhadledd "re:publica 10" ym Merlin, ac yn cyflwyno'r heriau am ymgyrch Ewropeaidd yng nghyswllt â'r Menter Dinasyddion Ewropeaidd. Rydym yn gwybod taw un o'r materion bydd yn cael eu codi fydd sut y dylir cyfeirio at ddinasyddion y 27 aelod wladwriaeth ô'r UE, sy'n siarad y 23 iaith swyddogol, yn ogystal a llawer mwy o ieithoedd lleiafrifol. Bydd yr arbrawf bach hyn yn dangos sut gall yr Euroblogsphere fynd ati i ddatrys yr her.

  2. Thank you, that's brilliant! I've added it to the list of translations.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do a translation!