Thursday 1 April 2010

Legal Prose

The Charter of Fundamental Rights is to be turned into an epic, multi-media poem, by the time the Fundamental Rights Conference on 7 December rolls around. The poem is to be 80-minutes long, and be accompanied by music and dance (and perhaps some computer wizardry).

The poem was commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, which feels that the Charter is too dry and legalistic for people. It will be an immense task to shape an 80-minute long, multi-lingual, multi-media show on rights into something accessible and which will have an impact outside its original showing. The tender is now closed, though the agency is still open to being contacted if you feel you would like to play some role in it.

With European Council President Herman Van Rompuy releasing a multi-lingual poetry collection, the EU seems to have gone very artistic lately. Perhaps the romantic image of the Philosopher-King still lives on in Brussels...?

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  1. We have already made fun of this thing on Twitter last week and on my blog - it is ridiculous and really sounds like an April joke (but is true, sadly enough).