Friday 20 August 2010

EUSSR (Noun)

EUSSR (Noun):

used as an alternative to the EU, usually as a means of depicting the European Union as a organisation that produces oppressive regulation, by drawing a comparison to the USSR, a communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe and Asia during the 20th Century. This is achieved by placing an "E" in front of the acronym "USSR". Users of this word tend to believe that EU regulations restrict trade and damage the European economy, as evidenced by the disappearance of Brie cheese from supermarkets across the European Union; Brie only being available to those with the requisite food tokens and correctly stamped forms in triplicate.

See also: Supreme Soviet (used to denote the predetermined nature of a decision that was already taken by another body; on occasion these bodies, or institutions, are believed to take decisions for each other); Eurocrat (a civil servant [or class of civil servant] working in the institutions of the European Union. By regulation, they may only work in sinister, darkened rooms on floors not less than 5 floors above ground level, preferably overlooking grandiose views of Brussels [smoke-filled rooms having been removed by the amending Council Decision 35/1998]); and Anglo-Saxon/Neo-Liberal Project [see below]

Anglo-Saxon/Neo-Liberal Project (Noun):

used as an alternative to the EU, although it is generally used as a description subsequent to the European Union's identification, usually as a means of depicting the European Union as a organisation that is bent on excessive deregulation that threaten workers' rights and the welfare state. Proponents of this view frequently cite the successful pressure to abolish the minimum wage in the member states that had won this right, and are generally supported by the American press in this regard, through long editorials on the lack of medical coverage for large sections of the European population.

"Anglo-Saxon" is generally used as part of this term when the user wishes to draw attention to denote the malign and ever-present influence of the British government in the European institutions, which has been successful in pursuing its agenda of deregulation in order that the City of London can reap the benefits of globalisation, at the expense of the social fabric of its own and other European countries. No other EU member states ever subscribe to the economic policies dreamt up in London, yet Whitehall has recently succeeded in rigging elections across Europe to ensure that the Council, Commission and European Parliament have a right-wing majority.

See also: Margin of Berlusconi (the margin of error within with a politician can survive politically, despite major gaffes, insults, and legal issues. Since the margin is sensitive to the political circumstances and the political capital [or media ownership] of the politican in question, the Margin of Berlusconi is notoriously volatile. However, some experts believe it is theoretically possible to survive within it for extended periods of time, though at serve risk to the subject's reputation and the dignity of those associated with him/her).


  1. Eurocentric,

    I hope this is only the first instalment in a coming series on the various conspiracies involving the European Union. You have only scratched the surface...

    The New World Order, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, the gnomes of Frankfurt etc. are working behind the scenes, and the heroic works of metric martyrs, British tabloids and anti-EU politicians and bloggers (who have to disguise themselves as eurosceptics) need to sung to new generations of freedom-loving patriots in every borough in Europe.

    True localism is that everyone fends for himself, without any interference from the outside.

    A tall order, but I trust in your capacity to bring the series to a fruitful conclusion sometimes in the 22nd century.

  2. Sounds like I have to work quickly! (I don't think I've heard of the gnomes of Frankfurt before, although I assume it's linked with the ECB?).

    I wrote this post because I've seen the "EUSSR" being mentioned more frequently, and I wanted to highlight its absurdity in (hopefully) a funny way.

    I had toyed with the idea of creating an EUSSR pravda post, with news from an EUSSR where free movement of people was regulated with moving permits (and these assigned to balance out the population and skill set of different areas), and where the United Left party was labelled "rightist". I might still do it sometime.

  3. Eurocentric,

    The Schengen area acquires a whole new meaning when the border guards start facing inwards, to prevent other than duly authorised officials to travel.

    Sleepless nights waiting for the new Europol officers knocking at your door in the wee hours ...

    Unemployment would be abolished by establishing about 100 million posts for official and unofficial collaborators with the multiple security services.

    Lapland could get regional aid to build camps for reeducation of diverse antisocial elements.

    After being socialised, the financial firms in the City and other banking centres would be run even more disastrously than before (believe it or not).

    Relations with North Korea, Cuba and some hitherto neglected countries would improve dramatically.

    The real EUSSR has to be exposed before it is too late!

    Keep up the good work (while you dodge the political police)! ;-)

  4. Sounds like you have a novel there!

    I'll try to stay one step ahead of Europol (though it's Eurojust that you have to watch out for!) ;)

  5. One of he ways to expose this insane rubbish is to point out the stark differences in the area of human rights between the European Community and the Soviet Union.
    Another accusation is that nations are somehow forced to join the EU like the USSR had forced unity. Remind people that the choice to become an EU Member State involves the candidate nation to accept the thousands of pages of rule and regulations.
    There is more - just make the mental comparisons...

  6. National government leaders are bribed to join. But when the people want a say, they are promised by all parties and then refused. If they do get to have a referendum and vote 'No' they are then ignored and made to try again....until they vote the way their unelected EU masters want!
    It sounds like force and coersion to me!!

  7. How are they bribed?

    The EU doesn't have the power to start or stop a referendum, that depends on the national constitutions and political systems of the Member States (because they're still sovereign). In some countries (e.g. Germany) referendums aren't allowed, in others (e.g. the UK) parliament has all the power and it can decide when to grant one or not, and in some (e.g. Ireland) it's a constitutional issue. It's a national decision whether or not to hold a referendum, and isn't a decision of any EU instituion.

    As for unelected: the Council is made up of elected Member State governments, the Parliament is directly elected, and the Commission is elected by the Parliament and depends on its support to survive. Plus the national parliaments that vote on starting referendums are also elected. If you want to complain about not enough/too many referendums being held, you'll have to take it up with the political parties/parliaments in Member States which carried out those policies.

  8. It's a national decision whether or not to hold a referendum, and isn't a decision of any EU instituion - no not true.

    They wanted a referendum on EU constitution. Other countries voted it down, so the UK cancelled their referendum, changed the name of the constitution and re-ordered the text like a schoolboy copying someones work and changing the fonts and then pushed it through WITHOUT a referendum. So we are forced into it and all this talk of it being bollocks and UK can withdraw at any point is just that, bollocks. How can we withdraw if we don't get given a vote and our politicians decide for us.

    I love how you think this is all conspiracy and tinfoil hat 911 stuff but when you wake up and your government is nothing more than a puppet state for the EU then will you think we are all howling at the moon ?

  9. The EU Constitution is an example of how the power is in the Member States' court - each Member State has a veto, and decides how to ratify the treaty according to its constitution (parliamnetary vote, referendum, parliamentary vote followed by a general election and another parliamentary vote, etc).

    The UK government decided that it wouldn't run a referendum. There's no law or order that the EU or any EU institution can make to start or stop a referendum.