Thursday 11 November 2010

The European Citizen: One of the most influential left-of-centre Euroblogs?

It turns out that The European Citizen has been nominated for a poll of the most influential left-of-centre Euroblogs in a Social Europe Journal poll. If you like the blog, and think I've been suitably left-of-centre enough, you can for me and 2 others (or even, theoretically, 3 blogs which aren't The European Citizen) here. The vote is open to 5pm tomorrow.

The (reader nominated) shortlist is 18 nominations long - I'm not entirely sure if that's due to the small size of the left-of-centre Euroblogosphere or the lack of nominations. I'm also not sure if I'm that "influential" (I've never even received a reply to the closest I've come to direct engagement with the EU instituions - though I wasn't really angling for a direct reply - and I doubt any shadowy Bilderbergers or Buchgemeinschaft der schwaebische Hausfrauen members read my blog). Nonetheless it's nice to be nominated.

UPDATE: Here are the results. I came in joint 9th place with the European Tribune. Thanks to those who voted for me!


  1. Hello

    I just came to this blog, so I can´t comment on the content, but I feel this design is a bit messy.

  2. It's the template. I'm afraid I don't know much about creating backgrounds, so I've stuck with what's on offer.

  3. Well, it´s easy to change template and/or modify it on blogspot.

    The content here seems interesting and the design is nice, but the background picture is quite messy and "disturbs" my reading concentration a bit. Normally blogs with serious academic stuff has a cleaner design.

    But if you and the other readers are happy with this, no problem.