Friday 13 February 2009

The Great EP Robbery

I've been busy, so I've also been quite slow to pick up on this, but it's a very interesting story - it should get the EP in the headlines for a day at least!

So someone robbed a bank inside the EP. I was surprised that there is one inside the same building. Is it to make it easier for MEPs to manage their accounts during their lunch breaks? Anyway, there's something quite embarrassing about a crime taking place in a place where laws are passed.

I wonder if it will all turn out to be some sort of stunt?

And I hope that the EP won't go overboard on security now; like the EP spokesperson said:

"We can never guarantee 100 percent security," he explained. "But this is the European Parliament and as such must remain a public building open and accessible to European citizens."

And who knows, some day those citizens may take an interest in what goes on inside too.

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