Wednesday 4 February 2009

Libertas' EU funding halted

Just after Libertas was recognised as a pan-European party eligible for just over €200,000 of EU money, an Estonian MP - needed to confirm Libertas' pan-European credentials (it must have the backing of a certain amount of other national parties in a number of member states) - has distanced himself from Libertas. Igor Grazin has denied signing anything backing Libertas' attempt to gain recognition as a pan-European political party. Libertas has claimed that Grazin did sign a document in its Brussels office.

Meanwhile, Liberal MEP Andrew Duff has called for the decision to give Libertas official recognition to be reviewed.

It's an embarrassing incident for Libertas, and it will be interesting to see if they can prove that they got Grazin's signature at some point (could Grazin withdraw his support even if he has signed a document of support earlier, or is he locked into it? I would assume so, but I'm not certain on that). More important would be if Libertas will be able to attract enough support without Grazin.


  1. And today Libertas seems to be two down.

  2. They should have really waited until they had enough signatures so they could withstand a loss of support.

    ...Of course, maybe they thought they wouldn't have been able to get it.

  3. nothing surprises me , specially when political interests are at stake
    i never gave these people my email address - i don't give it to anybody except close friends & cherished relatives !!! yet...there it was , a long boring ''we came to save you, we are worried about your civil liberties'' type of msgs !!
    how predictable, worried about my civil liberties yet, failing to respect the most basic one - my right to privacy, of an email account that i never gave away ....would be interesting to know how they got hold of it we say in Portugal : the turd is the same, only the flies are different
    stuff it where the sun doesn't shine, busters !!