Sunday 7 June 2009

European Election 2009: Update (4)

Twitter has been a good source of info over the last few hours on turnout and initial polling indications, though health warnings should be attached to any polling info coming out before the confirmed results come out after 9/10pm tonight.

A notable Twitterer for polling info is 27etmoi, who has reported that for Malta the exit polls state: Labour/PES on 57%, with the Nationalist Party/EPP on 40%.

In Cyprus the turnout was down sharply with an absentee rate of 41.12% - a high turnout on an EU-scale, but a sharp drop that's worrying Cypriot politicians. Read Athena Arsalidou's post over at Th!nk About It for good analysis.

In Ireland, the votes are already being counted, with analysis over some very, very patchy exit polls. The results of the first count will be held back until 9pm in Ireland, when voting ends across the EU. Exit polling has indicated a few tight races for third seats (all 4 constituencies are three-seaters) - unsurprisingly Dublin, but also in the North West constituency where Ganley has polled better on the day than he has in opinion polls. The North West constituency is the biggest by area, however, so special care needs to be taken when looking at the very sketchy exit polls.

In the South constituency, FG/EPP could be in with a chance of winning a second seat, though it will be a tough fight with SF/GUE-NGL. Labour/PES's candidate seem unlikely to be in with a chance, according to exit polls. Kathy Sinnot (InDem) could loose her seat (I'll keep my fingers crossed).

Italy is voting for the second day today, but it's already looking like turnout will be down again this year as there was only a turnout of 17% yesterday (down from 20% in 2004).

In other news, it turns out that the naked man pictured in Berlusconi's villa was in fact Topolanek, former Czech PM and leader of the UEN/EC aligned Civic Democrats (ODS).

In Latvia, pro-Russian minority parties seem to have done well, with indications that the Harmony Centre may have topped the poll on 20% (and could elect Alfreds Rubiks, Latvia's leader when it broke away from the USSR, and who's been jailed for attempting to overthrow the democratic government). The European Greens look set to retain their Latvian seat - the For Human Rights in United Latvia is on 13%. The Civic Union is on 19%.

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