Tuesday 26 January 2010

Celebrating 1 Year of Bloggingportal.eu

Bloggingportal.eu is 1 year old today!

Though it's only been around for a short time, the blog aggragator quickly became a focal point for the Euroblogging community, and I doubt that anyone can quite picture doing without it today. Bloggingportal.eu has made the Euroblogosphere more visible and accessable, and is a great resource to "harness" the best of the Euroblogosphere and make it more navigatable - an increasingly important role, since the number of Euroblogs as more than doubled over the last year, judging from the number of newly registered blogs.

The website is run by volunteers from the blogging community, and this has perhaps contributed to a greater community feeling in the Euroblogosphere. Though a lot has been achieved over the last year, the editors are always looking for ways of improving and expanding the site and making it more useful and user-friendly. So don't be afraid to make suggestions!

Over the last year I've found Bloggingportal.eu a great resource for finding new blogs and perspectives, which have influenced my blogging and reading patterns. My experience of the site may be from a blogger's perspective, but I hope (and I believe that) Bloggingportal.eu is just as great a resource for casual readers.

So happy birthday to Bloggingportal.eu, and may there be many more of them!

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