Sunday, 24 January 2010

What MEPs want.

Ashton may not have gone to Haiti, but the High Representative has met with Secretary of State Clinton (Link. Via David Garrahy).

This is foreign policy as the MEPs want to see it: glamorous, high profile, with the US praising the EU and talking up its role in the world. And Clinton did praise - the Lisbon Treaty was described as a historic event in world history. A wide range of topics was also discussed, such as Afghanistan and Iran, though the EU has little say in these areas. Nevertheless, no doubt the sight of Ashton and Clinton talking tough on Iran was a dream come true for MEPs, and it might leave them satisfied with theatrics abroad for the time being.

The question remaining from this and Ashton's meeting is what role will Ashton play with regard to Iran? Will she try to be proactive in shaping a common policy, or is Iran just an easy target for tough speeches these days?

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  1. Ashton is still at a disadvantage. She has hardly any staff in post yet (in truth, her own appointment has not been signed-off); and the member states have yet to acknowledge the existence of her post (witness Spain's attempts at limelight grabbing on Foreign Affairs matters).

    The EU does have a given stance on Iran, so all she has to do is follow that. But - her post should be more about leading than following. So, you are right: just what will her EU (ie not UK) advice be on the future moves of the EU concerning Iran?