Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year, & Welcome to 2010!

Happy new year to everyone out there from The European Citizen!

It's been an interesting year, and 2010 will likely throw up its own challenges and surprises. Likely issues will include the continuing negotiations and political fallout from COP15, the failed climate change conference in Copenhagen. The economic crisis will drag on for another while - reform of the banking sector at a national, European, and international level will be fought over, and in the end will it be enough to restore confidence and get the economy going again? Fears over the rise of China and its impact on the climate and the international financial system will continue, and Iran could be set for more internal uphevals as the Green Revolution refuses to go away. In the EU we'll see how the permenant E.Council Presidency will interact with the rotating presidency (which is now headed by Spain for the first half of the year), how EU foreign policy will develop (at least institutionally), and how the EP will develop (will the current batch of MEPs prove themselves?) in a post-Lisbon era.

Plus all the Berlusconi antics.

So bring on 2010! (Don't worry; the sooner we start, the sooner it'll be over with...)

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